DVFA Profile

Arnold Blankenship, III

Born:  6/10/1972

LODD: 4/30/2000

Burial:  St. Johnstown Cemetery, Greenwood, Delaware

Fire Company:  Greenwood

Arnold Blankenship, 27, was the loving husband of Dawn and doting father of 1 year old Zachary.  Firefighter Blankenship, a 6 year member of the Greenwood Fire Company, was killed in a flashover during a training exercise that enveloped the attic of the 2 1/2-story farmhouse west of Bridgeville.  The temperature in the building soared to about 1,200 degrees, trapping Blankenship.  Blankenship was awarded as the Greenwood Fire Company "Fireman of the Year" in 1998.

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