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Norman Jones, Jr.
Norman is currently a member of the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company. He holds the positons of Executive Manager within the DVFA Executive Officials. He also serves on the Advisory to SFPC, Past Presidents Advisory, Law & Legislative, Revolving Loan Fund, Web Page, DVFA Conference, Partners in Progress, and DVFA Cruise committees.

Norman "Jay" Jones currently holds the position of Fire Police Captain at the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company. In the past, he has held the positions of 1st Assistant Chief, 2nd Assistant Chief, 3rd Assistant Chief, Director, Fire Captain, Fire Police, Fire Recorder, Secretary, Vice President and President. Norman was the recipient of the Ellendale Jr. Firefighter of the year, the Ellendale Firemen of the year and EMS Driver of the Year awards. In addition, Norman was inducted into the Delmarva Volunteer Firemen's Assn Hall of Fame and served as President of the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighter's Association. He is also a former Mayor of the town of Ellendale, Delaware and serves as the Sussex County Clerk of the Peace.

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