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Ted Walius
Ted is currently a member of the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company. He holds the positons of Director within the Fire Chief's Association. He also serves on the Fireman of the Year, and Out of State Coordinators committees.

Theodore "Ted" Walius, Jr. has held the positions of Fire Chief, President, Vice President, 1st Assistant Chief, 2nd Assistant Chief, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Fire Captain, Rescue Captain, Fire Recorder, Safety Officer, 1st Assistant Engineer, 2nd Assistant Engineer, and Communications Officer at the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company. Ted has been awarded the DVFA Heroic Firefighter of the Year AND the DVFA Firefighter of the Year (both in 1984) and was awarded the Ellendale Fireman of the year. Ted has served as President of the Sussex County Fire Chief's Association, President of the Sussex County Firefighter's Association, President of the Delaware State Fire Chief's Association and President of the Del-Mar-Va Volunteer Firemen's Association. Ted is a member of the Del-Mar-Va Firemen's Association Hall of Fame and the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter's Association Hall of Fame.

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